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August 20th - August 26th, 2023

  • USDA Choice or higher New York Strip - $17.99lb save $1.00lb

  • USDA Choice or higher Rump Roast - $4.99lb save $1.00lb

  • Country Style Ribs - $2.99lb

  • Hickory Rib-on-a-Stick - $3.99lb save $1.00lb

  • Wild Rice Stuffed Chicken Breast - $4.99lb save $1.00lb

  • Mild Italian Stuffed Chicken Breast - $4.99lb save $1.00lb


Fresh Brat of the week: Buffalo Wing & Ranch - $5.99lb save $1.00lb

Mr. Nick's Famous Family Recipe Charburger of the week: Jalapeno Cheese - $5.99lb save $1.00lb

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