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October 10th, 2021 - October 16th, 2021

  • U.S.D.A. Prime New York Strip Steak - (save $1.00lb off market price)

  • U.S.D.A. Prime Chuck Roast - (save $1.00each off market price)

  • Bacon Wrapped Porkeye - (save $1.00lb off market price)

  • Boneless Country Style Pork Ribs - (save $1.00lb off market price)

  • Variety Pork Breakfast Sausage - (save $1.00lb off market price)

*due to increased market fluctuation, note some specials are $1.00 off market price*


Fresh Brat of the Week: Cheddarwurst - (save $1.00lb off market price)

Mr. Nick's Famous Family Recipe Charburger of the Week: 3 Cheese - (save $1.00lb off market price)

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Love the "market price" pricing. LOL Way to stick it to the people who support you. If you purchase the meat for a certain price, that meat you have purchased does not go up. How stupid do you think people are.

Replying to

Hello, regarding your concern. The reason for "market pricing" is due to the fact that we receive 7 meat deliveries a week and costs change invoice to invoice. Larger markets might buy in mass quantities and have product on hand for weeks. We choose to buy from smaller heartland farms frequently to provide the highest grade and freshest product possible. Unfortunately, with the market the way it is today and product shortages, we aren't guaranteed a cost day to day.

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